Good Riddance Toilet Odor Preventer Spray

Good Riddance

Finally, you can leave your embarrassment behind – along with any unpleasant bathroom odors. You’ll never have to worry about following your family or friend into the bathroom that likes to leave their “stamp” on things.  Just 4-6 sprays of Good Riddance in the toilet bowl BEFORE nature calls, will leave it smelling like – well nothing.  Just the clean aroma of fresh essential oils.  Just think how much more pleasant your household will be with Good Riddance.  4 oz. amber plastic bottle (about 400-500 sprays)  $8. Our brand new Good Riddance on the Go makes sure you’re always prepared when you’re out – or pass it to the person in the stall next to you. 1 oz. amber plastic bottle (about 125 sprays) $3

Price: from $3.00