Organic Farming

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What is Organic Farming?

Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics (as defined by the United States Department of Agriculture). 

That’s the official definition, but what does organic farming mean to us? It means respecting the environment and our land.

Fangboner Farms is not certified organic by the USDA yet. We still fall under the small farm classification. We do, however, farm following all the organic practices to grow all-natural (no GMOs, pesticides or added chemicals) herbs for our teas and culinary blends. We want our herbs to taste as they should – fresh, full of flavor and made just a bit brighter and enjoyable.

We utilize organic farming because:

  • Pesticides can not only cause harm physically, but also emotionally because they can detract from our flavors.The depression of having a terrible, unsatisfying meal or cup of tea would be emotionally unsettling.
  • We all need physical labor and exercise so without chemicals to assist, we get quite the work out!
  • We are animal lovers, so you cannot have our best employees (cats) quitting because we have destroyed the soil by using the chemicals which prevents plants from growing. Then the cats would merely have dirt land to run through, which is no fun and boring. Additionally, they would have no mice, moles, etc. to hunt so we may eventually have to lay them off. Then they would become homeless and no one wants to see a sad, homeless cat applying for a job at McDonald’s. It’s just not right.