OK, it started out as my desperation cheese dip.  My son Alex was bringing home his girlfriend’s (now fiancee’s) parents for the first time.  I was making a great dinner and all of a sudden realized I didn’t have an appetizer.  I mean, how can I meet them and have them for dinner without an appetizer??  So I grabbed things I always have in my fridge and cupboard and threw it all together.  And it became the world famous (well in our world – famous) Fangboner Farms Cheese Dip. Enjoy!

FF cheese dip

Fangboner Farms Cheese Dip

8 oz. Cream cheese, softened

4 oz. Feta cheese

½ jar Fangboner Farms Sundried Tomatoes (about 2 Tb.)

1 tsp. Fangboner Farms Dried Chives

4 oz. black olives, sliced and drained (you can also use pitted Greek olives)

  • Cream the cheeses together with a hand mixer.
  • Add the tomatoes and chives.
  • Blend in the olives.


Enjoy!  I like these with nut flavored crackers like Blue Diamond Pecan Rice Crackers